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20 mini-dramas for new formats in four languages

Regardless of the young protagonists’ very different reactions towards their changed situation, they all have one thing in common: they already cannot stand lockdown anymore.
There is Anna, for example, who, alone with her mother in a tiny flat in Paris, thinks she is going insane; there is the nameless boy, who even during lockdown cannot bear his classmates’ insults. But there also is Michael, who hopes to be saved from an embarrasing situation; or the three children who are ashamed—and a little bit fascinated—watching their noisliy “protesting” parents from the skylights of their apartment bulidings.
22 international playwrights created 20 different small worlds, which are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but also mostly hopeful and always touching. They put on display the circumstances of young people in what probably are the strangest times of the 21st century so far:

Alle wissen, es sind haarige Zeiten – Quaranteens – Corona Borealis – Bleeping Phone – Fatty – Tubias – As Well As Death – La Lockdown Surréaliste – The Island – Scene “1” – No Planes Needed – Clandestin – Non erano gli elicotteri – Hell Is Lockdown – Life Saver – Après – Vier Tüten Flips – Four Corners – Le Sept Morts Du Garçon – Teenager, Treiber & Träumer

Synopses of all mini-dramas can be found in the textbook’s appendix.

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ZusatzinformationYou can select freely from the 20 mini-dramas and play them in any order and language(s).
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